Thursday, December 8, 2016

Late Night Gems #6

1. Adriana Gomez - "Whistling"

2. Amber Hall - "Private School"

3. Chanel Loren - "Slow It Down"

4. Danni Jackson - "So Sick"

5. Elley Duhé - "Immortal"

6. EMI - "Science"

7. Emily Nance - "So Contagious"

8. Foster James - "Mr. Candy"

9. Kinslea - "Don't Follow Me"

10. KHOE – "Limits"

11. Kristin Kontrol - "Baby Are You In?"

12. LANNDS - "Wide awake"

13. Leah Culver - "Slow Motion"

14. Lex LaBianca - "Feel This"

15. Marlé - "Blue"

16. Melissa Sandoval - "WYD"

17. Name the Pet - "Fight It"

18. Sam Bruno - "Bad Things" (Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello Cover)

19. Strae - "Lioness"

20. XMeKate - "Cigarettes"

MIEARS - Reaching

Introducing MIEARS, otherwise know as the brand new solo project of Michelle Miears, who's also the frontwoman for Houston-based synth-pop trio BLSHS and has today unveiled her new song called "Reaching", which also serves as the first single to be lifted from her forthcoming debut EP, Who Will Save You?, due out on February 17th via Loose Narrative.

"'Reaching' is a desperate, yet wishful song," MIEARS explains. "It is about someone who was once very close, but is now far away... You still care about them and want to be here for them, but you no longer have the promise that they will let you in."

Listen to "Reaching" below.

Premiere via Impose Magazine.

Young Summer - Old Chunk of Coal

After having released her six-track EP, You Would Have Loved It Here back in late October, Washington, DC-based singer/songwriter Bobbie Allen, aka Young Summer now returns today with her absolutely breathtaking and heartfelt rendition of ​​​​​​​the country classic "Old Chunk of Coal", a song originally written and recorded by Billy Joe Shaver and later covered by both John Anderson and Johnny Cash

"This song has always meant so much to me because it captures a moment in time in which the realization is made that you are full of potential and good," Young Summer says about recording the track. "The message of the song is so universal, the desire to be better than you are and make a difference in the world. I’ve been waiting to release it and it being the holidays, with the current political climate it feels more relevant than ever to release a hopeful song about knowing you can be, and having the desire to be, better than you ever imagined. We are all full of potential to change, ourselves and the world, and we must maintain our hope and the knowledge that we can be better than we are."

Listen to "Old Chunk of Coal" below.

Purchase a copy of Young Summer's You Would Have Loved It Here EP on iTunes.

Premiere via The Line of Best Fit.

RENÉ - Voices

Following the release of her debut single "Underwater", which was released earlier this year and quickly won over both bloggers and tastemakers alike, London-based songstress RENÉ now returns today with her second offering called "Voices", produced by NOSAAppollo. Combining soaring synths with infectious melodies and RENÉ’s distinguishable vocals, "Voices" is both intriguing and memorable from the very first listen.

"Sometimes we need to take our wins when they come and practice self-validation," RENÉ says. "Too often it can feel like a losing battle when dealing with the pressures of the outside world. This is a reminder to keep it moving and keep being a BAD MF."

Working alongside photographers, stylists and visual directors, RENÉ will be releasing new imagery and visual content for each musical release to showcase her diversity and interest towards the merging of fashion and music. With interest already at large from those in the industry, RENÉ is sure to continue her appeal and forward herself as a promising and inimitable talent.

Listen to "Voices" below.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Wrap-Up #39

1. Caden Jester (feat. Christopher Blake) - "Fireplaces"

2. Chocoholic (feat. kev, Tate Tucker & SUBI) - "First Class"

3. Demo Taped (feat. Amber Mark) - "Stay"

4. Jason Gaffner - "When The Sun Goes Down"

5. Jim Caesar - "1205"

6. Kaleem Taylor - "By My Side"

7. Marques Martin - "Kissing Pavements"

8. Richie Quake - "Try"

9. TIDES - "I Found You"

10. Utrecht - "Lately"