Sunday, May 28, 2017

In Case You Missed It... #MusicVideos

Here are 20 brand new videos worth checking out from some of our favorite artists.

1. Abi Hudson - "Warm In The Room"

2. Bossy Love - "Body"

3. Chelsea Jade - "Life Of The Party"

4. Computer Magic - "Been Waiting"

5. Ella Vos - "You Don't Know About Me"

6. Emeryld - "Sorry Charlie"

7. Emily Vaughn - "MOOD"

8. Fifi Rong - "The Same Road"

9. Hailee Steinfeld - "Most Girls"

10. IIRIS - "Stranger"

11. Jayceeoh & Britt Daley - "Hold On"

12. Kat Dahlia - "Friday Night Majic"

13. LAOISE - "Halfway"

14. M. Maggie - "View"

15. No Frills Twins - "Love Me Tender"

16. Odina - "Why'd You Make Me Cry"

17. Pixx - "Waterslides"

18. Sinead Harnett - "Still Miss You"

19. VickyT - "Ghost"

20. XYLØ - "I Still Wait For You"

Watch 20 more music videos here.

Friday, May 26, 2017

New Music Friday #13 [Massive Playlist]

1. Aron - "Higher Ground"

2. Ashley Leone - "Night Ride"

3. Cici Jack - "Island Vibes"

4. Darla Beaux - "Tripping on Tears"

5. Eloïse - "California"

6. Fjer - "Wrong Time"

7. Gabriela Francesca - "Hallucinate"

8. Grace Mitchell - "Cali God"

9. Isabell Marie - "Adrift"

10. Kiah Victoria - "Treat Me"

11. Lin Ahlenius - "Lifesaver"

12. Lola - "Way to Your Heart"

13. Mabel - "Talk About Forever"

14. Malory - "Rapture"

15. Mothica - "Heavy Heart"

16. Munroe - "Oblivion"

17. Nicolina - "Down"

18. Nyxe - "Get Down"

19. Olivia Grace - "Blackbird"

20. Raia Was - "Reprise"

21. Sita - "Know By Now"

22. Thandii - "Forgetful"

23. Violet Skies - "Silence"

24. WENS - "If"

Jen Miller - Fire

Originally from Ohio but now floating between Washington, DC and Nashville, 25-year-old indie-pop artist and activist (as well as founder of one of favorite music blogs, Girl Gang Music) Jen Miller has today unveiled her new single called "Fire", which once again sees her collaborating with producer Jake Vicious and also serves as the fourth single following "Down", "My Type" and "One Ride" in her #aSINGLEpermonth project.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Jen says:

"I wrote this song about a dude who couldn't bring the heat. There's not enough records about female sexuality from the view of the woman; so often we only see or hear from women for consumption. This record is about me, and my brain - and so many other women who want and won't settle for anything less than what lights our fire. No more faking it."

Listen to "Fire" below.

"Fire" is available now on iTunes.

Five For Friday #Remixes

1. Alayna - "Falling Autumn" (Vasco Remix)

2. Billie Eilish - "Bellyache" (Devault Remix)

3. Hey Violet - "Break My Heart" (Big Fish Remix)

4. Lorde - "Green Light" (Chromeo Remix)

5. Rainsford - "Too Close" (Mushroom People Remix)

Luna Shadows - Thorns

Just days after sharing a special stripped down version of her previous single "Cheerleader" with Nylon, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Luna Shadows returns today with second offering of 2017 entitled "Thorns". Co-written and produced with Thom Powers of The Naked And Famous, the track reveals Luna's more intimate side as she delves into the complexity of personal relationships between people. The first verse is the song's mission statement:
"One day we, in ceremony,
will throw away the ashes to the sea.
For now, breathe, patiently -
the glow of something magic in your reach.
"'Thorns' is about the ultimately ephemeral nature of all relationships and my difficulty indulging them with acute awareness that inevitably they will be taken from me," says Luna about the song. "At the same time, the longing to experience love and hope often overrides this common sense. When things fade, I can't help but feel like it was my own fault for ever trying to hold on, for ever feeling hopeful, for attempting to build something lasting with the absolute knowledge that it would never stand in the first place.""

Listen to "Thorns" below.

"Thorns" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via C-Heads Magazine.